5 IT Tasks Worth Getting Professional Help

When it comes to your IT network there is only so much that can be done on your own. No matter the size of an organization, there are just some things that should not be taken for granted, and that goes double when it comes to your technology. Here are 5 tech tasks that should always be done by the pros.

1. Freeing up Storage Space

It may not seem like rocket science to get rid of old documents that you don’t need anymore. But there is a lot more going on when you are freeing up storage space on your computer.

When accessing the software files in your system it can be easy to misidentify something and delete a necessary program.

People are used to using CTRL + ALT + Delete to open their task manager and closing down programs. But how many times have we all accidentally closed a program that we were using? It can happen to anyone.

However, it can be much worse if you delete an entire file that supports your entire system.

Don’t take the risk on your own.

2. Optimizing your system

This is another task that can seem easy on the surface. If you see a program that you don’t use, then just delete it right? Less processing means that you can work faster.

But most people are not totally aware of what each file actually does. You may delete a crucial security detail or an essential Microsoft process accidentally. It can be very tempting to see large storage files like Program Files, but deleting this will crash your PC.

Working with a professional can also allow them to help you optimize each task to make the system run together more smoothly. This can stop redundant process, utilize only the necessary programs for each task, and stop your computer from working against itself.

Doing this on your own can be complicated, time consuming, and may not be done right if completed on your own. To get the best result it is always smart to work with a tech pro.

3. Backup Files

Backing up files is essential for cyber security, but not every backup style is the same.

For example, backing up all your files on an external hard drive is like putting all your cash in a box under your bed. It’s not all that secure, and it is only one form of protection that is easy to circumvent.

Backing up files so that they are encrypted, totally secure, and accessible is truly a task for those blessed with tech savvy. This is especially true for those who run a business and need that data to run day-to-day operations.

4. Replace Computer ComponentsMobile Computer Fix

There is a YouTube video for everything you need to know, and that includes building a PC. And with the deals online it seems like it can be an easy task to buy a new hard drive and install it on your own.

But computers are complicated machines and there is more going on than you realize. If you are not careful then you may end up short circuiting your machine, or causing other damage that can be irreparable.

You might also buy one piece of hardware only to find that it is not what you needed, or it is something that will need to be replaced in no time. This is a waste of time, money, and resources.

It’s always best to consult with someone who is used to working closely with technology and truly understands what it is that needs to happen. They can aid you in selecting the right hardware for your budget, and ensure that it is installed correctly.

Without this help you can spent money and countless hours on a solution that does not even work.

5. Monitoring Security

This is probably the most important thing for an organization to focus on.

There is no 1 program that can keep you safe online. In fact, there is not combination of programs that can give you 100% security.

The truth is that strong cyber security is accomplished by having a team of professionals that monitors, updates, and keeps up with changes in the cyber security landscape.

Having a team of experts is one of the only true ways to operate safely online.

Think of it like this: installing a lock on your front door adds security. But if you were saving priceless artifacts in your home then an alarm system, front gate, and security cameras would be a much more appropriate security measure.

Working with a team of security experts like we have at Synchronet can bolster your safety online and help keep you and your data safe.

When it comes to technology it is always best to work with someone who understands it. It can be too easy to make a costly mistake that could have been easily avoided.

Do the right thing and work with tech professionals before completing these 5 tasks.