How AI Can Help Your Company Avoid Cyber Threats

How AI and Machine Learning Can Thwart (or Assist in) Cyber Threats

AI and machine learning tools are critical for handling today’s cybersecurity threats because AI and machine learning are now also in the hands of criminals.

The threat of cybercriminals weaponizing AI and machine learning to boost and expand their attacks is all too real. AI will give life to new cyber threats. They can find and exploit a system’s vulnerability much more efficiently than a human.

With this new threat, utilizing machine learning and AI is the only way to keep up with the security threats of tomorrow.

Here’s what you should know about using AI and Machine Learning to protect your data.

How Can AI and Machine Learning Detect Threats?

AI, and its subset Machine Learning, use algorithms to comb through large amounts of information to uncover unique patterns. The system can analyze this information, group it, and make predictions based on these patterns.

When they figure out these patterns and can identify anomalies, machine learning systems can proactively sniff out and inform security teams of intrusions.

Machine Learning can also sniff out threats before they become breaches. Machine learning systems can detect more than 10,000 phishing sources and respond faster than humans. AI has also learned to spot the differences between a fake site and a legitimate one almost instantaneously.

What Are the Challenges of Using AI for Cybersecurity?

Before Machine Learning Systems can operate at their full potential, they must first learn the algorithms, patterns, anomalies, and threats that it will face. This process can take months to get the system to detect threats your systems will inevitably face.

However, once the systems have gone through their paces, they can adapt to threats and detect any breaches with far more accuracy than a human can alone.

Implement AI and Machine Learning to Modernize Your Cybersecurity Immediately.

Using yesterday’s cybersecurity strategies is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Cybercriminals will also use AI and machine learning to carry out sophisticated attacks on your systems. As criminals use AI, you must also employ it to protect your network.