If SynchroNet had Been Around in 1776 – Part 2

This is Part 2 in our Independence Day Celebration … let’s keep thinking about what would have happened if SynchroNet had been around in 1776.

If SynchroNet had Been Around in 1776

Working with Lafayette

History buffs know how the French aristocrat, Marquis de Lafayette came to the aid of the American revolutionaries with his fortune and military leadership. In 1781, Lafayette played a pivotal role in defeat of British General Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown. However, during the months leading up to Yorktown, Lafayette had to endure a lot of frustration, unnecessary maneuvering and threats of capture. The reason: Washington had been forced to keep Lafayette in the dark about his over-arching plan for fear British spies would intercept communications to the Frenchman.

How the SynchroNet Way could have helped

At one point, Lafayette was outraged to think he was being sidelined from critical action. A secure message from General Washington—like those possible with SynchroNet’s email management services—would have gone a long way toward soothing the mind of this American ally. Lafayette would have received his communique in timely fashion, without risk to his privacy or the threat of other red coat shenanigans.

The Fort Ontario Failure

In 1783, two years after the British surrendered at Yorktown, they were still hanging onto Fort Ontario in upstate New York. Washington sent 500 men to launch a sneak attack to kick the redcoats out. Trouble was, the American detachment got lost and couldn’t find the fort. They wandered around in the vicinity for a while, which alerted the British. With the element of surprise lost, the Americans just packed it in and went home without firing a shot. It was 13 years before the British finally left.

How the SynchroNet Way could have helped

Sometimes you have your people on the road and they run into problems. That’s where our remote access solutions come in. The Americans would have had a powerful mobile solution to meet the challenges of traveling in a late 18th Century wilderness. SynchroNet-designed connectivity would have let the Americans contact someone with a map. And with us ensuring system security, our guys could have carried out that surprise attack.

Did you enjoy? We sure did! Though just winning is good, nobody wants to have to work harder at achieving victory than necessary. More efficient use of your resources and a better return on your IT investments … that’s our commitment to you.

Happy Independence Day from SynchroNet!