10 Managed Services Challenges and How to Overcome Them

The business world today revolves around technology. However, managing IT services can be a daunting task for many organizations. According to a report by Gartner, businesses lose an average of $5,600 per minute due to IT downtime.

This underlines the urgency of overcoming IT managed services challenges. “In the evolving business landscape, failure to address IT managed services challenges is not just a setback; it’s a severe blow to an organization’s growth trajectory,” says Name, Designation of SynchroNet.

In this blog, we’re going to look at the 10 common IT managed services provider (MSPs) challenges businesses face. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll know what to look out for when turning to MSPs, and how to find a capable IT partner for your business.

10 Most Common Managed IT Service Challenges Businesses Face

1. Inadequate Support and Response Times

As a business leader, you understand how crucial rapid response times are. Slow support from your managed services provider can result in business process delays and potential revenue loss. It can particularly frustrate remote workers. Proactive communication and clearly defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can significantly improve this scenario.

2. Sub-Par Technical Expertise and Knowledge

Possessing superior technical expertise is the crux of overcoming many IT managed services provider challenges. Lack of it can lead to insufficient problem-solving, causing extended downtimes. When selecting a provider, ensure they have a proven track record and industry certifications that demonstrate their proficiency.

3. Lack of Adequate Staff Capacity/Resources

Managed services providers must have ample resources to meet your demands. Shortage in staff capacity can lead to delays and unsatisfactory service. It’s critical to engage with a provider who can scale their resources based on your needs.

4. Inadequate Maintenance Strategies

A poor maintenance strategy can lead to increased system downtimes and reduced operational efficiency. Proactive maintenance, including regular software updates and hardware inspections, is key. Providers should also offer a solid disaster recovery plan to ensure business continuity.

5. Poor Compatibility with Existing IT Infrastructure/Applications

Compatibility issues with your current IT infrastructure can exacerbate managed services challenges. Work with providers who take the time to understand your existing systems and can integrate their solutions seamlessly.

6. Lack of Security Monitoring and Threat Protection

In the digital age, cybersecurity cannot be overlooked. Failure to monitor threats and implement robust security measures can expose your business to significant risk. Your managed services provider should offer comprehensive security solutions, including 24/7 remote monitoring and prompt threat response.

Key Managed Services Challenges and Potential Solutions

Managed Services ChallengePotential Solution
Inadequate Support and Response TimesDefine clear SLAs
Sub-Par Technical Expertise and KnowledgeEnsure providers have relevant certifications
Lack of Adequate Staff Capacity/ResourcesChoose providers who can scale as per needs
Inadequate Maintenance StrategiesEnsure providers offer proactive maintenance
Poor Compatibility With Existing IT Infrastructure/ApplicationsWork with providers who understand your systems
Lack of Security Monitoring and Threat ProtectionChoose service offerings that provide robust security measures
Network Stability Issues/OutagesSelect a provider that guarantees high network uptime
Inefficient Management of Hosted/Cloud-Based ServicesEnsure seamless cloud service management
Poor Management of Sprawling IT EnvironmentsSelect a provider capable of handling expansive IT environments
Poor Customer Support and CommunicationLook for providers offering regular updates and clear communication

7. Network Stability Issues/Outages

Frequent network outages are detrimental to your business operations and customer experience. Choose a provider that guarantees high network uptime and has robust strategies to manage and quickly resolve outages.

8. Inefficient Management of Hosted/Cloud-Based Services

Poor management of hosted and cloud-based services can impede your business’ efficiency. It’s crucial that your provider delivers seamless cloud service management, from setup to troubleshooting.

9. Poor Management of Sprawling IT Environments

Managing expansive IT environments is among the primary IT managed services provider challenges. A competent provider should be able to efficiently handle multiple systems and platforms, ensuring your IT environment remains streamlined and productive.

10. Poor Customer Support and Communication

Effective communication is vital to a successful partnership (and is often a challenge with managed services providers). Providers who lack in this area can lead to misunderstandings and service gaps. Regular updates, clear documentation, and prompt responses are hallmarks of good customer support.

Address These Managed Services Provider Challenges With The SynchroNet Way

The future of business is digital, and this journey begins with confronting and navigating IT managed services challenges. Overcoming these common IT managed services challenges is essential for any business aiming for success.

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