Managed Services: More than just Security

One of the main reasons that people start to consider managed services is for the cyber security options. Cyber security is a constant concern for every business owner. However, great managed services can offer so much more than just great cyber security.

What are Managed Services?

Managed service providers can be thought of like off-site IT, or a satellite CTO. They are a team of people that work together and sell their IT expertise to companies that need them.

This can be a good alternative to hiring a regular “IT guy.” 

Managed service providers work in groups that can provide much more collective knowledge than you could find otherwise. Additionally, they are able to handle more tasks, and stay up to date more efficiently than 1 or 2 hired employees could do on their own.

Working with an MSP can also, in many cases, be cheaper than hiring employees.

What Can MSPs Offer?

MSPs can offer just about any IT solution that you could be looking for. The idea is that they are on hand, whenever you need them. This means that you get the 24/7 support that you need for true peace of mind.

Working with an MSP also comes with the benefit that you are the client. When you hire an employee you are the boss of someone who works underneath you. This is much different than when you are the client.

Being a client of an MSP drives them to satisfy your needs. You can think of an MSP like a customer service company that focuses on technology. They are there to be the bridge between the most difficult tasks and you. They also usually work on a service level agreement, and many offer even monthly contracts.

This style of contract and customer service drives MSPs to deliver outstanding service time and again. Where an employee might be protected in his job, MSPs are always competing for your business.

Many MSPs also specialize in certain tasks. For example, maybe you run a business that focuses on shipping internationally. There could be an MSP that has an international shipping certification that can help you figure out the logistics of exactly what you need.

You can often find an MSP that is specifically able to handle whatever unique needs your business has.

Data Security vs Data Management 

Something else to consider with managed services is that there is a difference between data security and data management.

Think of data security like placing a bunch of money in a safe in your room. Sure, that money is safe in that box, but is it really being utilized? And is anyone checking that safe weekly to make sure that someone didn’t somehow take your money?

Data management is not only taking care to protect your data, but also continue to manage it throughout. This means that they are keeping up on new possible breaches, new technology that can work with your data, and continuously thinking about what needs to happen. This includes keeping files uncorrupted and keeping everything optimized and running smoothly.

This is all very different than just basic cyber security. It’s not just sweeping the floor in your kitchen; it’s having an entire team deep clean your room daily. 

Now What?

We recommend reconsidering your current IT solution if you are not totally satisfied. There many MSPs that offer FREE technology consultations as a way to access your business.

We suggest talking with some companies and seeing what your business may need. It may surprise you what has been missed.

Give us a call today if you want to learn more about how our managed services at Synchronet can help your business today!