Managing Your Online Reputation Proactively

Now that you understand the problem and are conscious about managing your online business reputation properly, it is time to consider the quality of your products and services, and what you need to deliver to your customers.

Treating your employees and workers with respect and dignity as well as respecting your customers are the biggest keys to success. Giving back to the community with your sustainability approach and better corporate social responsibility management are other factors that can boost your reputation.

But miscommunication or misunderstandings can still occur due to a mechanical failure or a clueless employee, which is enough to damage your reputation. Here are a few steps that you can take to contain the situation and manage your online reputation.

Seeing if there is a reputation issue

You have to check what other people are reporting about your business. You can easily look up your own business in the search engines and view the results. It is the fastest way of finding out if your business has an online reputation issue. Problems can occur if there is disparaging information or no information at all.

Making continuous monitoring someone’s responsibility

Keeping an eye on your company’s online reputation is a tedious task, even if it seems simple. But it needs to be a part of someone’s job description in your company.

Responding to negative reviews and offering to fix the issue will boost your reputation. It shows other potential customers that you will make things right if there is a problem.

Setting up searches and alerts

Setting up Google alerts or even RSS feeds keeps you updated whenever your business is mentioned online. You can identify certain keywords and even use your business name and address.

You can use SocialMention, WhosTalkin, TweetBeep, BlogBulse, and Naymz whenever your company or staff is mentioned online.

Ensuring that images and names are not stolen

Maybe someone is masquerading as your business! For this, upload unique images from your social media and website. You can use ImageRaider to see if this media appears anywhere else on the internet. You can visit Knowem to see if your name appears anywhere else without your knowledge.

Hackers and scammers love stealing other people’s identities, including businesses. But it could be something as simple as a disgruntled employee or person who has a complaint doing things in your name. Knowing it is out there is the first step to making it end.

We at SynchroNet care about your reputation. We hope this three part guide has given you the information you need to protect your business’ online reputation.