Microsoft Office 365

Outsource IT services are quite valuable for companies that do not have an IT support department. In most cases outsourcing is going to be the cheaper route for repairing and maintaining hardware. It is also going to be the most viable solution for companies that have a need for software that is up to date.

In the case with Microsoft Office 365 a lot of companies are switching to this cloud environment because it allows them to keep an updated software platform. Companies that have put money into licenses for software that is installed on computers will find themselves with outdated programs in a couple of years. With the office 365 platform IT managers have the ability to pay for a licenses every year and keep the software updated for employees.

The thing that tends to make this Microsoft office 365 platform viable for companies is the Cloud environment that can be accessed remotely. Outsourced IT service providers can set up accounts for users that can be accessed without any type of VPN. The clients will simply need to go to a web browser so they can sign in and start utilizing the different programs that are part of the Microsoft office 365 suite.

With these type of programs in the cloud employees have the ability to share files and edit the files online as well. The software does not have to be installed on the computer in order to edit these files because everything is done through a cloud environment.

When IT support teams set up this type of environment for multiple users it becomes easier to share and manage information. A lot of this data can also be accessed through mobile devices as well. This adds an extra layer of convenience for those employees that may spend a lot of time out of the office.

A lot of companies have switched to office 365 because employees benefit from the single sign-on concept where they have a single password that is connected to the active directory. Signing on this way gets the employees connected to SharePoint servers as well as various applications that are part of the corporate Intranet.