“New and Improved” Doesn’t Always Mean Better

Worried that you’re missing out?

If you’re in your 30s or older, you’ve witnessed amazing technological advances in a short span of time. Every day, there seems to be new, improved, and more-exciting gizmos on the market. And if you haven’t been paying attention for a while, as if, for instance, you’ve busy earning a living, you may look up and panic that you’re missing out on competitive advantages that come from deploying the most “cutting edge” technology.


Latest and Greatest … or Bust

Naturally, manufacturers are going to hype the “latest, greatest thing” because they have a limited amount of time before a competitor figures out how to create something that does the same thing but cheaper. Unless you simply enjoy being a guinea pig for the latest technology, you’re probably better off waiting for the inevitable bugs to get fixed, and the price to come down.

But what about upgrades and new features for technology that you already use? Even if everything works as advertised, it still may not make financial sense to scrap the equipment you have. Are your current systems and software causing you problems? If not, you should think long and hard about replacing that technology with something new. The moment you scrap working equipment, you can no longer get a return on the previous investment. That loss in ROI must be weighed against expected profitability gains from the new technology. (Think “bird in the hand.”)

But what about your current tech?

Then there is the very real possibility that the new technology won’t readily integrate with your IT infrastructure. There could be compatibility issues between platforms and operating systems. There might also be a learning curve for users before they become functional (much less adept) with a new system.

Remember, your partners at SynchroNet are dedicated to helping you get the greatest value from IT investments … and that goes for the technology you already have as well as solutions that are arriving on the market. Talk to us before you upgrade. We’ll help you arrive at the best decision for your business needs.