Preparing for Natural Disasters with Your IT

Save Files to the Cloud

How to Prepare Your Business for a Natural Catastrophe

Ever since the coronavirus radically altered our way of life, we as a global community have had to deal with massive disruptions in our businesses. We have been feverishly seeking technological solutions to hold everything together.

Unfortunately, this virus doesn’t pause every other disaster that we face year after year.

Is your business ready to handle the disruptions and data loss that can occur if another disaster hits right now? What happens to your business when nature goes haywire at an inopportune time? Would you be able to recover if you suddenly lost access to client files or communications?

Here is how you can make sure that you can move forward with your business without needing to stop for breath when catastrophe strikes.

Copy Your Mission-Critical Files and Applications in the Cloud.

Place these files and apps on remote servers in case your physical hardware gets damaged, lost, or stolen. When your data is on a remote server, you can access it whenever you need it.

Make sure your remote servers are password-protected and update those passwords regularly.

Protect Your Power Supplies

Natural disasters can knock out power to your buildings and shut down operations before you’re ready. To reduce this risk, invest in a generator and surge protectors.

Have an emergency power source on hand to make sure you can safely shut down your network, prevent damage to your computers and other electronics, and evacuate your crew safely.

Create a Disaster Recovery Plan to Restore Operations Quickly.

Backing up your files won’t do you any good if you have no access to them when you need them. It would help if you had a recovery plan that spells out details such as accessing necessary equipment, recovering systems and networks, roles and responsibilities, and more.

Keep this document as easy to follow as possible. In chaotic times, your employees need to know what to do in any given emergency. Clarity of focus eliminates panic at every level.

Expect, and Plan for, Life’s Curveballs.

Life likes to throw curveballs that are sometimes impossible to predict. This pandemic is a perfect example of this. No one was expecting this virus to spread across the globe like a wildfire in a matter of months.

Even if you can’t predict the future with complete clarity, you can set your business up to be as flexible as possible. Be sure that you and your employees can access the data you’ll need remotely. Prepare your employees to work remotely at a moment’s notice.

Follow These Steps to Make Your Business as Disaster-Proof as Possible.

No matter what disasters your business may face in the future, create a secure remote plan to prepare you for even the most unpredictable disasters. When they do strike, your business can keep moving and not miss a single beat.