The True Value of hiring an MSP

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There are many ways to find answers to your IT problems. The old model was typically to have an IT department within your company that was always on hand for problems that may arise. Lately, there has been an increasing number of managed service providers (MSPs), that seem to be offering similar IT solutions while working remotely. This leaves many people wondering what’s the better option and if there is value to hiring an MSP.

Well, we believe that just about any business can benefit from working with an MSP. Outsourcing your IT can give you more IT support, and actually save you money. So where is the value of working with an MSP?

Pay for a team of people, instead of just oneMSP IT Team working together

When you hire an MSP you are hiring a company. That means that you are not just hoping that one person knows how to solve all of your problems. Instead, an MSP gives access to their team of IT professionals who collectively have seen hundreds if not thousands of different computer problems. This collective hive mind of information will make it easier to solve more problems in less time.

Save money

One of the biggest benefits to working with an MSP is that it can actually save you money. One reason is that you have less overhead by not needing to pay for an actual person in your office. Instead you pay the MSP for services rendered. That means that you have less payroll, less taxes and less stress on your wallet.

Many MSPs also work on a monthly payment subscription that lets you choose what you need. This can help you avoid getting involved with expensive packaged IT plans that give you services that you will never need. Allowing yourself to choose exactly what you need can help you work smarter within your IT budget, while still knowing that you are taken care of.

Keep up with Trends

Technological trends change about every 2-3 years. This effects not only the tools you use, but also how vulnerable your data is. As we mentioned before, you get a team of people with an MSP, and that team is much better able to keep track of what is happening the tech world. This allows them to keep up with trends in cyber security, data management tools, and IT support that can help keep you safe.

For example, two factor authentication (2FA) was not necessary for many years. However, as the landscape has changed it has become increasingly important for data security. Many businesses are not aware of simple, yet effective implementations like these because they do not have someone up to date on common IT practices. It is the job of MSPs to stay up to date, and communicate with their clients when a change comes around.

Support you need during a ransomware attack

Imagine that one day you open your computer and find a frozen screen informing you that your data has been encrypted and you owe hundreds of thousands of dollars to get it unlocked. This something that is happening to more businesses than ever before. Cyber crime has grown to one of the most profitable industries in the black market. This is when you will wish you had an MSP.

During times of crisis like this you will want that team of professionals behind you. Having more people to attack the problem together will bring better solutions. They may also have access to tools, software, and processes that a common IT person might not have on their own.

You do not want to be caught off guard when you are attacked. Having an MSP on your side could be the difference of saving your business or losing it. If someone was to break into your house it does no good to wish you had additional security earlier. The value of an MSP comes from knowing that you are secured and ready before an attack ever comes your way.