The 6 Top Buffalo Tech Companies

Buffalo sits between New York City and Toronto, Canada. Both of these cities are world-renowned tech hubs. As a result, tech talent is quickly trickling into Buffalo. This has led to a projected 7% tech growth rate and an increase in large tech companies in Buffalo.

Access to talent attracts tech giants while small start-ups thrive. In fact, Buffalo is one of the top 5 fastest-growing start-up cities in the US. This balance has positioned the city as the ideal place to run a technology company.

This article will look at 6 Buffalo technology companies . We’ll look at some of the biggest tech companies in Buffalo as well as the start-ups that are making waves.

Top Buffalo Tech Companies
Source: TechBuffalo

1. Circuit Clinical

Founded in Buffalo in 2015, Circuit Clinical connects medical researchers to participants for clinical trials. The company’s aim is to use their platform to help researchers access a more diverse participant pool that better represents the people they serve.

The platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to match patients with clinical trials based on their medical history, demographics, and location. Patients can search for trials on the Circuit Clinical website, which features a user-friendly interface that allows them to easily filter and browse available studies.

This approach is increasing the number of people signing up for research studies. The long-term benefit to that increase is that physicians can study more underrepresented patients and use their experiences to inform care practices.

2. 3AM Innovations

3AM Innovations is the company behind the Florian app. The app consolidates information from multiple sources to provide first responders with a knowledge base of correct procedures. The company describes this knowledge base as providing “critical insights during critical moments.”

3AM is another Buffalo-based tech startup founded in 2015. It was started by a former firefighter who sought to create dynamic procedural guidelines that would help responders during an unfolding situation. The app intended to help responders provide better care and protect themselves in dangerous situations.

In 2022, the company conducted several tests to analyze the app’s performance in communications-challenged locations. Several tests and improvements were made and now responders can successfully use the platform in remote areas.

3. Verizon

Verizon is an international telecommunications company that has an office in Buffalo. Verizon was founded in New Jersey in the year 2000 and its global headquarters are in New York City, not far from Buffalo.

The Buffalo office has increased opportunities for emerging tech talent in the region. The presence of such a recognizable name also helps put Buffalo on the map as a growing tech hub.

4. Kangarootime

Kanagrootime is a Buffalo-based childcare service management platform. The tool is designed to help childcare businesses streamline their management tasks. It includes functions that let users quickly pay staff, communicate with families, and automate invoices.

Alongside daycare owners, Kangarootime is also used by schools and caregivers. It also helps caregivers provide better service with attendance tracking tools and digital notes.

Business owners and teachers can use the system’s analytics to track child behavior patterns and send live updates to their parents. They can also track business performance to make informed decisions about their center’s growth.

5. IBM

Like Verizon, IBM is an internationally recognized company with a Buffalo office. The IBM Buffalo Innovation Center (IBIC) Key Center is one of the company’s research and development epicenters. The main research focuses are AI, blockchain, cloud computing, and quantum computing.

IBM works with several international and local partners to bring together some of the brightest minds in technology and create new solutions to known problems. This hub continues to develop advanced technologies that help companies stay ahead of the technology curve.

6. Immersed Games

Immersed Games is the company behind Tyto Online. This Buffalo start-up provides an educational video game geared towards middle-school students. The game is focused on science and engages students by letting them use scientific principles to solve problems.

Students can learn about a wide range of science topics, including biology, chemistry, ecology, geology, and physics. They can also develop skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork by completing quests and challenges.

The platform’s aim is to create engaging and effective educational experiences that empower students to become lifelong learners. Teachers can also track progress to see where students are struggling so they can provide tailored help.

Largest Tech Companies in Buffalo

Some of the Largest Tech Companies in Buffalo are Managed Services

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