Why You Need Cyber Security Today!

Small businesses are an essential part of our functioning economy. As consumers we need to do our part to keep these businesses running, but small business owners need to plan for the future. To most business people they think about long term profits, costs, and unexpected changes in the market. However, what most people are not thinking about is the dangers that come with not having a cyber security solution.

Cyber security is essential for every business, and probably every person, in the country. There can be no overstatement in just how important technology solutions are to small businesses. Is your current solution covering all of your bases?

  • Provide safe infrastructure to conduct business
  • Keep your data safe and protected
  • Provide backup support in case of an emergency
  • Create secure mobile network
  • Prepare for possible malware, ransomware, etc
  • Educate about phishing and new scams
  • Keep you updated and current on ways to stay safe

Are you Getting what you Need?

The list we provided above is just a sample of what your business could need. No two businesses are alike, and for that reason providing a secure work environment doesn’t always look the same.

Businesses who operate a lot overseas need a more secure mobile network, while smaller operations might just need the basics.

It can be very difficult for a non-IT person to figure this all out on their own. Cyber security is a complicated, and constantly evolving field. For this reason the security that you setup years ago may not be doing what it needs to anymore. You could be in danger and not even know it.

Do I have to Pay tons for Good Cyber Security?

The problem with technology is that many businesses undervalue good IT. They don’t want to spend the money because they think that other parts of their businesses are more valuable.

However, countless businesses are taken down each year by cyber attacks. Malware and ransomware attacks are on the rise and that is not going to slow down. If you do not take the correct steps then you could end up as another example of why people need cyber security.

So, firstly, we advice thinking about cyber security as an investment. You are planning for your business’s future and you need to think of costs in that way.

But this does not mean that you need to pay a ton for good cyber security solutions. However, you do need to pay the right amount.

By this we mean that looking for too big of a discount can lead to disaster. Free malware software won’t protect you from a good attack. However, some businesses might persuade you to get all the bells and whistles that you might not need to protect a small home-garage based business.

This is what we mean by paying the right price. Cyber security is not something that you want to skimp on. It’s crucial to have your bases covered. But how do you now what you really need?

Check with Managed Services!

Managed services are becoming the choice for small business IT solutions. Managed service providers are like offsite IT that can handle all of your cyber security and more.

But you might be wondering how this is going to help you avoid a scam.

Well, the great thing about managed services is that they work on a service level agreement. This means that you can choose what services you actually need and come to an agreement for what actually needs to be done. It also, usually, gives you a chance to pay month-to-month, leaving you open and free to make changes.

Many managed service providers also offer a FREE network assessments, eBooks, or trainings! This can be used to check with professionals and get a consensus about what you think is right.

Managed Service providers also give you a team of people that are there to help. This team mentality provides a better network to get help, and ensures that you will get the service that you need.

Don’t Wait

Don’t wait until you are attacked. It might be too late to recover. Please give us a call today if you are interested in learning more about how our team can help protect you from a cyber attack and keep your business secure!