Words of Wisdom about Data Security

Your friends at SynchroNet are always available to help you with your data security issues … especially as they pertain to financial information. Since the proverbial ‘ounce of prevention’ is always preferable to the ‘pound of cure,’ here are a a few security measures that will go a long way toward keeping your business data out of the wrong hands.
Strong passwords – If you don’t want a fox in the henhouse, make your passwords complex. Use a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters (!@#& … etc.) and a minimum of eight characters. Then change those passwords at least every six months. You might also consider a two-factor authentication system that combines the standard user name with password security approach with a unique PIN or other simple message that’s transmitted to users’ email or mobile devices before granting access.
Solid IT Resources – Are you bringing a knife to a gunfight? First-rate IT security has to be treated as a priority. This isn’t just the hardware and software; it also means technical expertise to help identify and plug any security weak spots (for instance, many companies neglect mobile security). Worried? Call us to schedule a quick evaluation so that your network is protected!
Updated Security IT – Like it or not, you’re in an arms race with bad people who want to get information from you that they shouldn’t have. By being on The SynchroNet Way, you’re effectively keeping your powder dry, and making sure you’re locked, loaded and not firing blanks through our comprehensive system monitoring and maintenance, installation of patches and latest software versions, and ongoing compliance with security standards and best practices.
Scans and Audits – Maybe you think you’ve got all your I’s dotted and T’s crossed with malware and firewall protection, but don’t count on the ignorance of bliss to last. Count on SynchroNet to regularly test your defenses with frequent scans to identify and remove any threats to your systems.

Restricted Access – No one likes to think they have a wolf in sheep’s clothing in the fold, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? Don’t grant your employees access to sensitive data without a legitimate reason for them having it. And when staff do need access to such information, be sure they’re familiar with all security protocols and follow them conscientiously, including vigilance against email attacks.