Yes, I Can HaaS New Technology

Are you familiar with the term, “early adopter?” Basically, this is someone determined to be “first on the block” to acquire the latest and greatest gizmo. Another good term for such people might be “guinea pigs” as they get to discover all the product’s bugs and then watch the price go down and down and down for later buyers.

On the other end of the scale are people who wait until a closeout sale to upgrade their IT equipment, ensuring that whatever they buy will be obsolete within a few short months.

Clearly, neither approach makes much economic sense for a business-especially one with a lot of technology wielding employees or a robust network.  As a smarter and much more financially sound alternative, remember, you have Hardware as a Service (HaaS) because you’re part of The SynchroNet Way.

HaaS and The SynchroNet Way

Our HaaS program delivers appropriate equipment, operating systems and Microsoft applications on a regular and uniform basis and includes desktops, laptops, and warranty services, as well as ongoing maintenance and support. Software is subscribed to you on a monthly fee based on your user quantity eliminating large software purchases and making you more agile to meet changing business needs.

It’s not always easy to recognize the right time to upgrade business hardware-but that’s why we’re here. We work with you on an on-going basis, evaluating your business needs so that we can recommend the optimal hardware and software that will help everyone stay productive.

If from time to time you need to make a hardware purchase that’s above and beyond the traditional user’s needs, we can help you spec the right tools in terms of features, capacities and scalability-all at a reasonable monthly fee (i.e., an AutoCAD workstation, refreshing server hardware or network operating systems). Adopting HaaS from SynchroNet as part of your technology upgrade strategy addresses all these issues and helps keep your capital expenditures predicable or minimized!