What Is Two-Factor Authentication?


You might have noticed that in recent times different websites and services have introduced 2-factor authentication (2FA) in addition to login passwords. But before we talk about 2FA, you need to understand why we need such impressive online account security. 

There is so much happening on our phones and laptops these days that our digital accounts have become a thing of attraction for cybercriminals. Malicious attacks on these digital accounts are becoming more and more common. 

Whether it is a corporate, government, or individual account, no one is safe. There is no stopping these attempts. However, it is easy to add a layer of security, such as 2FA. 

Rising Cybercrime

Recently we have witnessed a huge spike in the number of websites that are losing the personal data of their clients or users. Cyber

crime is becoming more and more sophisticated. Digital account holders are finding out that their traditional account safety measures are insufficient to prevent such attacks.

There are times when a simple human error might be the root cause behind the damage that has been done. Whatever the doorway, the reputation of an entire company can be lost, as well as suffer financial loss.  

Cyber criminals can use the stolen credentials of clients to secure fake credit cards and fund shopping sprees. As a result, the victim’s credit rating can be significantly influenced. Cyber criminals can also drain an entire cryptocurrency account in no time. 

Websites and apps should take drastic measures regarding security. Moreover, users should also pounce upon the opportunity to add a layer of security to their digital accounts. Having just a password is not enough in the current cyber world. 

Password Is Not Great, but 2FA Makes It Work Better

When did these passwords become so vulnerable? In 1961, MIT developed CTSS (Compatible Time-Sharing System). This system made sure that everybody had enough chances to use the computer, as at the time, usage was limited. 

For this, students had to have a username and password. After some time, the students figured out that they had the opportunity to hack this system, and they printed out passwords, which allowed them to hog more time on the computer. Basically, as soon as the system was in usage, people were looking for ways to use it to their advantage, including criminals.

Despite this, username/passwords remain the most common form of authentication. 

With 2FA, you can add another layer of security. You can use any number as your 2FA, or it can be another password that you can easily remember. You can also have an answer to a secret question or some keystroke. You create the layers that work as barriers to cyber criminals. The more unique, the more security you have.