Technical Safeguards and the New York Shield Act

NY Shield Act-Technical Safeguards

Under the New York Shield Act, the goal is to lower the risk that confidential information would fall into the hands of hackers. All businesses under this law must take appropriate security measures to guard sensitive customer information. Failure to comply can lead to crushing fines that can bankrupt your company. Its jurisdiction holds broad coverage.

How to Defend Your Customers and Your Business

You must take appropriate measures to meet the minimum security standards required under the New York Shield Act. Hiring Managed IT services can prove a big help because you outsource your cybersecurity to the experts. You could try to meet the standards by yourself, but you may not know how to proceed.

SynchroNet has the experts on hand who have made a career out of keeping businesses safe from hackers and other technology problems. Because they operate out of Buffalo, New York, they understand what it takes to meet the standards in the state. The staff encounter the New York Shield Act with businesses every day, and they know what measures to take that will rise to the new security standards in business.

Implementing Technical Safeguards

To maintain the standards, you may think of it as a moving target. Keep improving the standards. You need to understand the potential things that can wrong within your network. What can hackers exploit with your security? They will look at the ports opened and the permissions granted. With a risk assessment from SynchroNet, you will learn the greatest vulnerabilities of your business, and understand where your business data has been saved and where they backed it up.

Multi-factor authentication could be seen as high value. We want people to think of cybersecurity as a proactive process where you need to pinpoint and eliminate potential exploits before they have the opportunity to materialize. With the AI-based monitoring from SynchroNet, we can detect attacks in real-time. We tell our clients not to think of cybersecurity as setting it up one time and done. SynchroNet applies ongoing measures practicing good cybersecurity habits to keep your business safe from harm.