Physical Safeguards and the New York Shield Act

When many people think about cybersecurity, they only think about the type of technology that they need to use. However, there are physical safeguards that you need to use in order to comply with the SHIELD act and keep information safe. The following is a list of physical safeguards that SynchroNet recommends that you use.Secure Your Equipment

The equipment that you have should be kept in a secure location. This is a location that should only be accessed by professionals. It also needs to be kept away from windows so that people cannot see it.

Do A Risk Assessment

Your IT services provider can help you do a risk assessment. There are several questions that you can answer in order to do a risk assessment. Do you keep the doors locked? How easy is it for non-employees to enter the workspace? Is your Wi-Fi in a place where other people can see it? Is there a guess Wi-Fi? Has your front desk personnel received the proper training?

Restrict Data

If someone does not need to have access to the information, then there is no need for anyone to use it. One of the best things that you can do in order to protect data is to keep it encrypted.

Destroy Protected Data

If there is no longer any need for the data, then it should be destroyed. However, you have to be careful about how you destroy the data. Many people decide to throw away old paper files, but it is best for you to shred them. You should avoid deleting files. You need to make sure that you reformat your drive. This is something that Syncronet can help you with.

It is a good idea for you to keep a log of the private information. You should know when the information is accessed and who has accessed it. You should also know when the information is deleted and modified. Additionally, you need to know if this information has been shared by other people.