Complying with the New York Shield Act

New York Shield Act-Crash Course

You are responsible for making sure that people’s personal information is kept secure. The SHIELD Act, which was signed into place by the NY governor, requires that all businesses take the necessary safety precautions to keep information secure. Every business in Buffalo and other places in NY need to the do the following to comply with the SHIELD act.

Designate a Chief Information Security Officer

The Chief information security officer is also known as the CISO. This is the person who is in charge of the security program.

Identify the Risks

Every business has their own unique risks. You may not be able to control every threat. However, if you are able to identify the risks ahead of time, then it will be easier for you to implement the proper security measures.

Conduct Risk Assessments on a Regular Basis

It is a good idea for you to do risk assessments every quarter. If there are new hazards identified, then you will need to revise the current plan that you have. The changes that you make may include data encryption and access controls. You can work with your IT services partner in order to find out what best works for your business.

Provide Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Many employees are unaware of all of the threats that are online. That is why they need to be trained on how to spot phishing emails and text messages. You should also show them how to encrypt data.

Be Careful About What Vendors You Work With

You can take all of the appropriate safety measures, but you can be put at risk by other vendors. That is why you need to make sure that you vet all of the vendors you work with. Make sure that they follow all of the SHIELD precautions. This is something that you should get in writing.

Create an Incident Response Time

Things may still go wrong, and you should know what to do about it. SynchroNet can help you put together a response plan.