Protection From Violations of the New York Shield Act

Under the New York Shield Act, your business may face severe fines that could quickly bury your company in debt. Can you afford fines that reach up to $250,000 for each violation? Most businesses don’t have the cash in their account to cover costs like this. You don’t have to pay ridiculous fines, however, because we have a better solution at SynchroNet.

Hire the Experts to Stay Safe

At SynchroNet, we can check the cybersecurity standards at your company, and we will keep you safe from costly violations. You might think of managed IT as your guardians from costly violations under the New York Shield Act. We know numerous industries to keep you compliant with all of them. Trying to do this on your own can get complicated, and with IT services, they can handle this more adequately than the average person. We work with it every day and understand how to keep businesses compliant.

New York Aggressively Punishes Those in Violation

Those who violate this law for security failures will face aggressive punishment. Worse, the government plans to increase the fines because the need for ever-improving cybersecurity grows. The United States estimates that 1,001 businesses had a data breach in 2020. Because of less-than-ideal security, 155.8 million people had their confidential information exposed. With a growing number of people on the internet, hackers will see it as increasingly profitable to target businesses, which is why the government requires these increasing cybersecurity standards.

Leave the Task to the Experts

You could try to maintain the cybersecurity standards yourself, but you may find that the experts know how to handle it better. At SynchroNet, we know what the New York Shield Act requires, and we can use our knowledge to keep you compliant. Falling below the standards isn’t an option when your business depends on staying compliant.

SynchroNet can help businesses to refocus their efforts on the things that drive productivity and earn money. Leave the extra stuff like compliance to experts who understand how to do it. We can also provide you with regular data backups that will keep your system safe. In the event that your system gets hacked, we will recover your data easily with a backup.