5 Easy Steps to Increase IT security

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IT security is so crucial while living in today’s digital age. New tactics are being created by attackers all the time to get access to your important data. That’s why it had never been more important to increase your cyber security. You don’t have to be a tech guru to make yourself safer as long as you follow these 5 easy steps to increase IT security.

1. Close firewall ports.

Open firewall ports are one of the most common ways that attackers are able to send harmful programs into your system. The only ports that should remain open are the ones that you specifically need for your daily work.

This is especially true if you are working from home. More and more people are joining the mobile workforce, and that means that there are more open connections to businesses’ networks. If you allow anybody online to have access to your system then you are asking for something bad to happen. Closing open ports helps make sure that only the people on your team can get into your system, and not anybody else.

Closing firewall ports is free, and doing this simple task will be sure to add security to your IT infrastructure.

2. Use a VPN ConnectionVPN connection

A VPN (virtual private network) is a way to create to a private connection used to connect securely from a remote location. It is essentially a private network, called a tunnel, that encrypts the information that goes through it, including your IP address.

This private tunnel makes it possible for remote workers to connect to a corporate server safely. The encrypted information can’t be accessed by attackers and it hides your location. VPNs are used by the biggest government down to the average citizen as a safe way to keep their information private.

Adding a VPN connection is essential for businesses that have people accessing the network remotely. Without a VPN it is much easier for someone to create their own tunnel into your network.

3. Practice Good Password Management

Every security tool in the book will do nothing for you if you’re password is weak. The password is the lock that you use to keep people out, and it only works if it’s strong. Managing passwords correctly is about following these tips.

  • Create a strong password: The days of 8 character passwords for security are gone. Most experts believe that you should be doing a minimum of 12 characters, with the best passwords being between 15-20 characters long. Length is crucial when making a password, but so is the complexity. Use a combination of capitals, symbols, and numbers to add an extra layer of difficulty.
  • Utilize a password manager- A password manager will be able to save all of your passwords in one location. This will make it so you can create long, complicated passwords that you will not have to remember yourself. Different passwords make your safer, and a password manager will let you make the most complicated password imaginable, and you can feel safe knowing that you won’t get locked out.
  • Use a Password Generator- A program to create a ransom password will always be more secure than one made by a human. Just remember, once you enter the new complicated password it must be saved in your password manager or you could risk losing access.

5. Always Use 2FA

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) has become the standard if you want security on your most important information. This is a second layer added when logging into an account that will demand you enter a code through an alternative source.

2FA is basically a secondary login that keeps others from getting in, even if they have your password. For example, if someone logs into your account then they might reach another screen asking to confirm through their 2FA app. If the hacker does not have access to your alternative login then they will not be able to proceed and you can lock them out.

5. Don’t Wait!cyber security lock screen code

Do not wait to add security to your system. Waiting too long is the biggest mistake that most business owners make when it comes to their security.

Think of it this way, if you have a house with all your possessions then you will want strong locks to keep people out. It would be silly to put on a $5 child’s locker to protect all your assets. Eventually someone would break the lock and then you would be down the river without a paddle.

The smart move is to add a great security system to your home so that nobody will be able to get in no matter how hard they try.

Waiting too long is just praying that you get lucky and do not get attacked. Being proactive is always going to be more beneficial than reactive.

Get Help Now!

Having good security is about having a good team working together. Even if you have an IT department it can always help to have additional IT support to help you sure up problem areas with your IT security.

Working with a managed service provider is a great way to support your IT team and tighten up security before a breach.