Beware of Phony “IT Support” Calls

Phone calls from “Microsoft Tech Support” or from “Your IT support” are a scam.

You could be at home or in your office, possibly in front of your computer, when your phone rings. Someone identifies himself as “Microsoft Technical Support”, or as “your IT support” and says your computer has a serious vulnerability or is reporting unusual errors. Of course, this individual is ready to help you address the issue.

Don’t be fooled. This is a scam, perpetrated by cybercriminals with the goal of getting username or password information from you, or to trick you into installing software that will let them gain access to your computer’s operation and/or sensitive information. Your best response is to hang up immediately. (There may be a second-best response, but we’re too professional to print it here.) The longer you’re on the phone with these con artists, the more time they have to worm information out of you that they can use in criminal pursuits.

A SynchroNet Support professional will always clearly identify him or herself when contacting you. And for the record, you should know that neither Microsoft nor its partners make unsolicited calls to customers about their computer security or software problems. As a result, the best approach is to never waste your time listening to any unsolicited phone call regarding your computer’s security.

Best of all, as a SynchroNet customer you can rest assured that we’re already on the job monitoring your system and network for potential problems. We’ll act quickly (and appropriately) to make sure that your files and information are secure and that everything remains in good working order. If you are the recipient of this type of scam and want to verify who’s on the other end, hang up and call us direct!