Business Continuity Planning in Buffalo by Synchronet

Is your computer network safe? It’s time to make sure it is and your downtime is limited.

Almost every business depends on technology today. If there is any type of system failure, this can bring all productivity to a stop. You have to be productive in your business in order to stay in business. Plus, important data and records can be an early casualty of a network disaster with results even leading to permanent business closure. (A recent study found that 43% of companies that experienced a huge loss of data never reopened.)

How We Can Back up and Restore Your Data
SynchroNet’s solution to keep your business up and running is a program called BackUpMyNet. This program quickly restores network functions so you have no loss of data or records when a disaster happens in your IT system. It’s included in your monthly fee so that you will be prepared to bounce back from any threat to your IT network.

You can Count on BackUpMyNet to:

  • Your server and network will be preserved in any type of disaster.
  • Your network and applications will be back up and running in no time.
  • You will be able to abide by government regulations for the financial and healthcare industries (encryption/security)

Business Data Protection Service
With our business continuity, you have the insurance that no company should be without. If you get in a jam with a IT problem, SynchroNet has the solution to keep you up and running with no downtime and no loss of critical system files.