Business Continuity, Data Protection, and Disaster Recovery by SynchroNet

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 and 2021 added a new dimension of importance to business continuity planning. Companies that had implemented solid data backup and disaster recovery plans found it easier to comply with social distancing restrictions because they were better positioned to migrate to work-from-home (WFH) operations, and this was made possible by remotely accessing data and apps that had been previously backed up.

When it comes to business continuity planning, SynchroNet takes into account worst-case scenarios, but it is simply not possible to specifically plan for all disasters. Above all, a good continuity plan needs to be more useful than compliant. Everyone in your company needs to understand why a continuity plan has been implemented; more importantly, everyone needs to know how it can be put into action.

BackUpMyNet is SynchroNet’s proprietary business continuity solution; it is designed to allow businesses to bounce back from disaster situations, but it is not configured the same for all companies. Some businesses may prefer a “bare metal” data backup plan that saves absolutely everything in case of complete server or workstation loss. This type of plan allows office computers to be booted up from remote locations so that work can be resumed at the state prior to the disaster.

SynchroNet can help you decide whether all data needs to be backed up incrementally or in a differential manner. Some business owners prefer full backups of critical data with redundancy, which means that only the most important information is backed up and replicated in different storage locations for maximum safety.

There is more to business continuity than just backing up data and calling it a day. SynchroNet will ensure that your backups are tested regularly for integrity. All the same, BackUpMyNet is a solution that is meant to work, which means that recovery drills are tested by our technicians so that you know they will work when the time comes. This is based on the principle that your business continuity plan can only be as good as the last time you tested it.

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