Email Management Services by SynchroNet

Over the last couple of decades, quite a few means of digital messaging have emerged to ostensibly take the place of email in the workplace. Some of these efforts incorporate project management features along with social networking, but the business world has not shown a willingness to replace email, thus it remains as essential as ever in the 21st century.

At SynchroNet, we have noticed that even clients whose employees and target audiences are members of the Millennial Generation prefer to use email as their main instrument of business communications. There is something about being able to check your inbox and having full control of your digital correspondence that makes email feel very relevant, but this requires effective management.

Security and efficient archiving are the basics of email management. The business email solution provided by SynchroNet provides small and medium-sized companies with these two features, as well as:

* Spam elimination through ManageMySpam: With this security feature, you can open your messages without having to worry about malicious attachments or phishing attacks.

* Server efficiency: Companies that handle heavy email traffic can experience unbalanced server issues. When you allow SynchroNet to manage your business email, you will not have to worry about putting a strain on your network.

* Secure remote access: Many email security issues are inadvertently caused by users who access their inboxes through laptops, home computers, and mobile devices such as smartphones. SynchroNet can help you establish remote email access connections that will not compromise your company.

* Regulatory compliance: Providers of medical services are expected to handle email communications according to the provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Financial services providers are also subject to compliance guidelines. Moreover, data encryption provides additional safeguards to law firms and other businesses that handle confidential information.

* Archive and indexing: Whether you need to archive inbound or outbound messages and their respective attachments, our email management solution lets you recall them quickly through flexible email search and filtering functions.

Contact SynchroNet today, and let us help you manage your emails.