Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing
Five Things To Know About the CloudCloud computing is always changing. That is why you should stay updated on the current news and technological solutions.

1)Size Matters

In this case, size does matter. Do you know how large the cloud has become? Analysists have already projected that revenue for the cloud surpassed $120 billion in 2017. Analysist also predict the figures could double or triple in by 2021. That is how much people trust the cloud. The cloud has its issues, but it is one of the main sources for storage that users trust.

2)IaaS is Increasing

Did you know that Iaas is one of the most popular methods for online infrastructure? Analysists have already shown that 80% of businesses have started using IaaS by 2016. It is slated to double in the enterprise by this year. Competition is fierce for the enterprise. This is making people more cautious when choosing a vendor.


Hybrids are running the world. Well, that might be a bit of a stretch, but the numbers are rising. Did you know that most enterprises have started using hybrid technology, as of four years ago? The number of users looking to combine both private and public enterprises within the next few years. More users are realizing how reliable the hybrid cloud is compared to other options.

4)IT Versus the Cloud

Traditional IT methods are going by the wayside. A rep from Goldman Sachs admitted, in a recent interview, Cloud IT services are taking over where the traditional ways left off. According to IT tech reps, the numbers are going to keep going up.

According to a rep from Goldman Sachs, IaaS and PaaS are driving the demand up. Users are realizing the benefits and switching their personal and business enterprises over.

5)The Cost Is Down

Costs are down, whether you use a traditional or hybrid cloud computing network. More companies are noticing how the cloud is reducing their internal costs. That means more money back into the company account.