Finding a Managed IT Support Company in Buffalo

Every company that relies on computing to do business needs help with their IT at times.  It can be as simple as helping you get the right computers, training staff on programs, making sure stuff is integrated correctly, but there are some real benefits to managed IT in Buffalo.

What Will a Managed IT Support Company do for you?

  • Data Backup and Recovery – When computers are working awesome, you don’t need so much managed IT, but when things break, is your data safe?
  • Updating patches and preventing malware/ransomware – The bigger and more important your data is, you need someone to protect your data.  If a competitor could hack into your network and look who your biggest customers are, or if invoices suddenly disappeared and couldn’t be found, would that cause issues?
  • Internal threats – Some of the biggest reasons companies get hacked are because employees are the ones taking the data.  Do you know what files your people are touching?
  • Best Practices – We do IT Support for a living.  We know what works for companies and what does not.
  • Quick Support – Most of the time our support is under 30 minutes, on some contracts it can be under 5 minutes.  When you can’t afford to be down, we are there for you!

We have our own process to ensure clients are getting the best IT Support.  We have been managing IT in Buffalo for more than a decade and work with some of the bigger companies in the area.  We are here for your team and we would love to chat about how we help you improve efficiency and decrease risk for your organization.