How Coronavirus Has Shaped Our Company

We wanted to share our own experiences so far with coronavirus and not how it has been difficult, which it has been, but how it has been a blessing to our team as we learn how to work together, solve problem, help our customers and gain more empathy.

As an IT Services company in the Buffalo area, part of our job is to ensure our clients are ready for these kind of situations from a technology standpoint.  For us, this is the easy part, it is simply putting into action the plans we make for snow, floods and other disasters.  We work with companies to help make sure they will have access to data and be able to make calls and get emails without interruptions.

The part that can be more challenging is the emotional aspects.  Especially for tech driven personalities within our own company.  This is hitting people on a very personal level.  People are scared, and why not?  Our government has never asked most of us to do anything so drastic as a whole country like this in most of our lifetimes.  So we look at these times and it can be easy to freak out just a little bit.

It is natural to be scared when you see news of death and layoffs and generic panic (hope you got your toilet paper).  We want you to know this time has been good for us to remind us of something – you matter.

Our clients is what we are about and in the process of setting up servers, doing email tickets and supporting Microsoft products, we can forget there is a human with fears and frustrations just like ours on the other end of the phone.

People lose their patience when things at home are not working like they did at the office.  They aren’t mad at the technology, they are mad at the situation we all find ourselves in.

So. for us, this has been a humanizing time.  A time to remember the deep value our clients bring to us and how much we love them.  We know that is weird for an IT Support company to say.  But our clients are our friends, our neighbors and inspire us to learn and grow.  If you can’t care for the people who give you amazing opportunities in life, there is something really wrong.

We are here for you.  We want you to know that.  You have some difficult choices to make in the coming days and weeks, but there is also hope.  This time of winter is when we can get ready to have an amazing future.  Maybe this time is helping you realize processes need fixing, or maybe, like us, it just reminds you of how much you care about your employees and your clients.

We want to be positive and we want to help you.  We want you to know we are in this with you.  You have got all the warnings about washing hands and distancing, but we thought, especially as an IT Services company we should remind you how we are all connected.