On the Road for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, quickly followed by the rest of the holiday line-up. For a lot of us, that means “to grandmother’s house we go!” If we’re lucky though, we may not actually have to stay with grandma or Uncle Bert or at any other private residence … and we can enjoy some respite from the relatives in the sanctuary of a hotel. There, you will probably have access to free Wi-Fi for your laptop. (C’mon, you know you’re going to take it with you.) Keep in mind that you’ll be sharing access with a lot of complete strangers and online security will be next to nil.

Be sure to take these security precautions:

  • Double-check that your firewall is enabled
  • Don’t visit websites (especially financial institutions) that would cause you to enter your password
  • Turn off sharing
  • Turn your computer off when you’re finished using it
  • Don’t work too long! You’ve earned a rest!

From all of us at SynchroNet, have a Happy Thanksgiving!