Why Are Small Businesses More Vulnerable to Data Breaches and Loss?

With frequent and continuous changes to technology, new threats arise. Therefore, highly trained technicians must maintain a simple network of three to five people to keep threats at bay. But hiring such a technician can be costly and may not be feasible for small businesses. As a result, the network becomes ill-maintained and unstable. This leaves a huge security gap that a hacker can exploit.

There is always a chance your business can end up like one of these companies.

  • A local manufacturer must shell out $10,000 to deal with a virus and three days of downtime. Then, without any warning, a virus was downloaded into the network, and I started replicating and attaching itself to different files.

It corrupted the data files and left their customer management program impaired. Plus, it infiltrated their exchange server, and emails could not come in or go out.

If they had invested in a proper plan or a program, it would have only cost $800 a month. But they found out the hard way that once compromised, costs were much greater.

  • Another example is a corrupted server hard drive that cost a local distributor five days of downtime and $ 25,000. They had all their hard drives corrupted simultaneously.

The servers crashed entirely. When they contacted SynchroNet, their backups were not functioning properly.

  • Yet another example is that of a laptop hard drive in a dental office which crashed, resulting in a week-long downtime and non-replaceable dental photos. The local dental surgeon used to store the dental photographs of his patients on the drive, and they were lost forever.

These are examples of the small businesses suffering the massive costs associated with lost data. SynchroNet has hundreds and thousands of other similar examples. We specialize in protecting data. Prevention is first and foremost to us, combined with ways to retrieve your data so that you can continue serving your customers and clients as seamlessly as possible.