What Are Some Ways I Can Boost My Online Security?

It is pretty much impossible to plan for any potential computer emergency. But a little proactive monitoring and network maintenance can assist you in avoiding these disasters and can save you a good amount of money.

SynchroNet has interacted with many businesses throughout the years. Through working with our clients, we found out that most small business owners are not conducting basic security maintenance work because;

  • They are not aware of the importance of regular maintenance.
  • They do not know how to do it, even if they even understand its importance.
  • They are too busy with their other day-to-day business activities.

While there are more than 37 necessary security checks that SynchroNet can help you with, you need to minimally perform the six most important checks.

Backup your files daily

You have to make sure that you backup all your sensitive data using cloud storage. You can also maintain another copy if you want, if you put that copy on a different system. But using the cloud for this purpose is the best option.

Check those backups regularly

You have to check your backups regularly and keep an eye that you are maintaining them properly. Proper maintenance is important. You can’t just dump everything onto the cloud with the mindset that you will deal with it later.

Keeping an offsite backup copy

Keeping an offsite copy is a good option to consider. But make sure that you are doing it in addition to the cloud copy. It will allow you to access the files in case of a breach, and they will still be intact. You can always use your home laptop or computer for this.

Ensure that you have up-to-date virus protection

You must ensure that your systems have antivirus and regularly update their database. It is critical because if you unintentionally download any virus, the programs will help eradicate it, keeping your files intact.

Setting up a firewall

You also have to set up a firewall on your systems. The firewall program needs to be updated frequently in addition to the antivirus program that your systems are running.

Update the system with security patches

You also have to update your system with various security patches and updates to make sure that it can handle any security threats on its own.

Programs change and grow constantly, so the security features need to keep up with those changes. SynchroNet can help you with any or all of the 37 security checks to make your system solid in defense. Call us today!