Dear Virtualization… Be our Valentine?

This is our love letter to Virtualization. See, virtualization is special. It enables us to optimize server hardware and software infrastructure. Businesses rely on servers to perform multiple business functions (like hosting your business applications). Some of these applications require their own servers, which means separate costs per server at the time of purchase, for hardware warranties, for on-going maintenance, energy costs (because they need to be kept cool), and even for space.

With Virtualization, you can purchase 1 or 2 ramped-up classic physical servers and or data storage devices and then implement virtualization software. This incredibly sophisticated technology means we can now put multiple server operating systems on infinitely less hardware, thereby using hardware purchased more effectively to load and manage multiple server installations. That means less hardware up front, fewer utility costs in heating and cooling, fewer dollars spent on warranties and increased flexibility when making changes or upgrades to your business applications.

But do you know why we’re really “in love” with Virtualization (besides the cool name)? Here’s the primary reason: It’s easier for the SynchroNet team to make changes to your environment on the fly as your business changes, as you add or subtract users, as you evaluate new applications, building test environments… and so on. That’s why we have been migrating our customers to a virtualized environment for the last 5+ years. Of course, we have Virtualization-certified support engineers on our team and SynchroNet is a certified Professional Solution Provider with VMWare, THE leading developer of this fantastic virtualization software.

Right now, more than 70% of our customers have a virtualized environment of some type because most businesses with multiple servers, in general, are good candidates for this strategy. If you are not virtualized, it is probably because you do not need multiple servers for your business; know that as your business grows, we will help you take advantage of this amazing technology. As part of The SynchroNet Way, we’ll systematically evaluate your business’ needs to ensure you have the optimal solution strategy for your specific environment and need. If you love Virtualization too, why don’t you tell us? We’d love to hear from you!