Swapping Noah’s Ark Syndrome for Productivity

Noah’s Ark Syndrome is a highly expensive technology disorder that occurs when business owners and employees feel compelled to have two (or more) kinds of every technology: printers, desktops, versions of Microsoft Office … etc., stabled throughout their facility. If you have ever visited a place of business suffering from Noah’s Ark Syndrome, you probably noticed the two-by-twos that… really need to go extinct.

Here’s the antidote to Noah’s Ark Syndrome:  When a device no longer functions up to par, the solution is not to buy another one and then leave them both in service. That just means they all have to be managed and serviced which will only increase the complexity (and expense) of maintaining your environment. Remember, less is often more-as in more profitability. That is why we at SynchroNet frequently talk with you about upgrading your existing systems.

Technology upgrades and migrations can potentially save time and work steps. New releases are often designed to streamline workflows with better (e.g. seamless) inter-application integrations, greater functionality, faster speeds, and better software management. Planned appropriately, upgrades can even prevent unnecessary budget expenditures! Now that is a great reason to batten down your hatches against Noah’s Ark Syndrome.

PS: As for pulling those old computers out of storage … not the best idea. Remember why you replaced them in first place! Do you really want to use old technology that missed the boat a long time ago?