Device Rated PG: Parental Guidance Required

Now that kids across Western New York are back in school, we’ve been thinking about kids and technology. You know, there’s a running joke (based somewhat on reality) that if a parent needs to learn how to use a newfangled computer gadget, just ask the kid. After all, they were born into our technological age the way a fish is born into water.

But knowing how to use a computer, notepad or smartphone is one thing … knowing when to use these devices is another proposition all together. Such knowledge requires wisdom that comes with age. Here are a few basic rules (yes, rules!) for your children:

  • Don’t share names, schools, ages, phone numbers, or addresses
  • Don’t send pictures to strangers
  • Keep passwords private
  • Don’t open email from strangers
  • Tell a trusted adult if something mean or creepy happens
  • Be mindful of other’s feeling when posting to social media

If you’d like additional food for thought on talking about tech with your kids, check out this article.

You may never be able to text without looking at your smartphone buttons the way your pre-teen can, but a conversation with you might stop those agile young fingers from contacting something that’s too hot to handle.