Do I need to Protect my Data in the Cloud?

Pretty much every person utilizes cloud data storage in one way or another. However, cloud storage is one of those things that many people do not fully understand. This lack of understanding can leave people open to dangerous possibilities that could crumble their business or their life.

The short answer is yes, you do need to protect your data in the cloud, but we want to help you learn exactly why.

What is the Cloud?

The cloud, in physical form, is essentially a massive data center. Your information from a cloud provider, like Google for example, is stored in huge data centers that can span multiple locations. It’s called the cloud because it seems like your data is whisked off into the wind, and simply pulled from above when you need it.

However, this data is actually being stored by a company in a physical center somewhere far far away.

Doesn’t someone like Google Protect Me?

No, and this is one of the biggest misconceptions about cloud storage! The thought is that companies like Google or Microsoft own these clouds, so they are going to protect you.

However, in these cases, these companies are not acting as security companies, they are acting as a data center. They are not actually responsible for keeping your data safe. They are responsible for providing a home for that data to live, and keeping that physical space safe and clean. 

You keep your data safe by following cyber security rules including good password management, and using 2FA.

But Can’t I Recover my Account if my Data is Stolen?

Maybe, but it’s not a guarantee.

Let’s say that someone logs into your Google Account and they change your password. You get concerned because you have 100s of Gigs of data stored that includes bank info, personal information, and work materials. Your next response is to reach out to Google for help.

However, then Google wants to send you a SMS text to confirm your identity but the phone number is no longer yours. Neither is the attached email, any of the security questions, or even your name.

The attacker went in and changed all the personal information that attaches you to that account. After this happens, how will you be able to confirm that the account is yours at all? You will be the one who looks suspicious.

This is why it’s important to protect your cloud data! 

How do I protect my Cloud Data?

A great place to start is making sure that your password is rock solid. A super strong password is always the best place to start when securing your accounts. You can also follow some of our free and easy tips to secure your network!

Finally, a great option is to make sure that you have the right IT support to help you keep safe. Good IT can help keep measures in place to protect you from this kind of attack and others. They can also help you secure the data that is in the cloud as well as your personal network.

Reach out to our great team at Synchronet to learn about how we can help you protect your cloud storage today!