Optimizing your Business for Success with Great IT!

Efficiency is the key to productivity. Ford changed the game when they introduced the assembly line as a way to keep productivity up. It was successful because everything in the production line was optimized for success.

Everything that people needed was directly in front of them, everything had an order, and all pieces in the factory worked together by design. The same thing should be happening in your workplace.

However, what we want to talk about is not the way to put people in a more productive place. Instead, we want to focus on how great IT solutions can optimize your office for success.

How Can IT Help?

We all know how irritating it can be when your computer is slow and not reacting as it should. Maybe you’re trying to print something and it just isn’t working, or maybe you’re trying to log into an important conference call but are finding trouble getting in. 

Both of these things could be solved by IT coming in and making sure everything is working as it should. 

What often happens is that people bog down their systems with lots of unnecessary stuff. You need to open a specific kind of file so you download the reader. Then you have a new software for a new process and allow that on to your network. Then Facebook wants access to something and of course you allow it.

Letting all these things into your computer is not necessarily a dangerous thing. However, it can slow you down a lot.

Most of the time a downloaded software will ask for permission to make changed to your computer. These things are usually to change default settings that will allow the program to auto-launch, or similar small things.

However, when you allow everything to start running wild then you can run into problems. If you have a full house of relatives for the holidays, but do not tell anyone where they are staying then it is going to take a while for everyone to work it out amongst themselves.

Programs on your computer can be the same. If two programs want to run the same thing and are in conflict then your system may run slow as it tries to figure out what to do.

Optimizing your workplace is like giving each of those relatives a room assignment so they know where to go. No more confusion.

 IT can also help you figure out why there are problems in the first place and help everyone get up to speed. For example, if you could not get into a video conference call it could be a couple things. Maybe everyone is using Teams and you are using Zoom by default. These two things obviously won’t work together. A smart move would be to only have the 1 installed that the office actually relies on, and cancel the other one to free up money and time.

Another chance is that everyone is linked to a secure network through a VPN (LINK). Maybe your computer is not connected to the network and you cannot figure out why you can’t gain access. Good IT can make sure that everyone is linked correctly so that there are no more pauses and trouble shooting.

How to Optimize your Office with the Best IT

We think that the only true way to give yourself everything you need is to work with a managed service provider. MSPs are able to offer more by giving you a team of professionals who are available 24/7. 

This team has experience working with many different industries and can help identify the common areas that cause problems. This will allow them to make changes faster and help you implement more optimized ways of doing things.

Please reach out to us to learn more about how our great IT team can help you optimize your business. We provide a FREE network assessment to help you decide if we are a good match, and we would be happy to help answer any questions that you may have!