Your IT Setup is an Integrated Ecosystem – Manufacturing IT

I just wanted to talk a little bit about a prospect I met with today. The prospect I just met with, they are a manufacturer/distributor. What we found is after speaking with the owners, they spend a lot of time managing multiple IT Solutions from multiple vendors. These solutions have been cobbled together in an attempt to obtain the results they’re looking for.

In order to make it all work, they have relationships with different providers to solve various issues. Currently, they pay folks by the hour to get the work done, but they’re finding at the end of the day they have a tremendous amount of frustration in regards to how their computer system behaves.   No single vendor has the accountability for anything in regards to risk around security or backup.   The owner could not tell me if they have 100% backup of their data based on their current process.

They do experience some unexplained system outages, where their system just seems to “go offline” for some reason, then it just comes back.  Their folks are interrupted with menial tasks the different providers try and get them to do, try this – try that. Overall, their systems are running slower, their staff is confused, and their server isn’t functioning properly. They also have had some issues with the salespeople in the field communicating back with the main office securely and efficiently.

We are proposing the prospect moves forward with the SynchroNet Way in which we offer a cohesive and comprehensive solution.  We handle a 100% managed solution.  This means we do EVERYTHING pertaining to IT for them. Using this solution, we manage all their technology, software solutions, security and backup support, regular process, best practices and current strategy under one roof.   All the accountability of the most important tasks such as security updates and a real-time offsite backup is part of every engagement.

Streamlining those processes, ultimately, will reduce the amount of noise or issues that each of their staff members is experiencing while reducing risk and increasing security. This will have a dramatic impact on the productivity of their team by eliminating the constant IT interruptions. In doing so, we’re assuring them a drop in the number of support tickets – to the point at where their technology becomes more of a resource rather than a problem!