Online Reviews Are Important, Our Take

Thank you for the feedback! Have you taken a look at your online reviews lately? You know, Google, Yelp, Facebook… We all read reviews before making purchase decisions but how does this apply to your business? While each of us have a different business, with a different review application, reviews can make or break a customers decision to do business with you. We all know reviews are important, but why?

Tell Your Story

As a consumer; we want to relate to others in search for the same thing. Was it the perfect cup of coffee, superior service, ambiance or technical ability above the rest. Customer experience is an important driver towards purchase decisions. Often a photo carries from a customer carries more weight and is more objective than your photos.

The Feedback

Reviews can be harsh and damaging, we suggest listening to them objectively. Why did this person have these feelings? How can we improve? Are others having the same experience (and not telling us)? This is an opportunity to listen and adjust. Remember, every customer counts, and reviews count even more!

Here is a list of 5 review sites that we use (with links to our pages, hint, hint). Currently, most of our reviews are on Google, however our goal is to encourage reviews across other platforms as well. In addition, keep an eye on Amazon, Angies List and TripAdvisor as well if they apply to your business.

SynchroNet Top 5 Review Sites

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  4. Yelp
  5. Manta

Tips to make the best of your reviews.

  1. Own It.
    Each site has an area to claim your business. Follow the steps to obtain access so you can interact with the platform and be alerted when new reviews are posted. Be careful as some review sites then put you into their sales cycle and will try to sell you advertisement.
  2. Monitor and Respond.
    Once you own it, you can get notified of reviews. A simple thank you or a note of understanding goes a long way. It shows that you are in touch with your business and you care. Your comments will also help perception of your business as in touch and receptive.
  3. Encourage Reviews.
    Request a sticker for your door or post a positive (or negative) review on social media. These will keep your business top of mind and will show your consumers that you are actively engaged. An active engaged business can generate more reviews and build more social awareness.Most importantly, don’t overlook the power of reviews. Write a few for businesses you support (hint, hint) and watch what happens.