Fight or Flight Amid the Challenges?

The fight or flight response refers to a physiological reaction that arises in the face of something that is either mentally or physically threatening. When this response is triggered we either stay and deal with a threat or run away to safety. The ‘fight or flight’  impulse is not new to human beings and can be traced back to choices our ancestors made when faced with danger in their environment.

Our history books have recorded more than a handful of events when our ancestors chose to run away or to stay and fight. Most times they did the latter, at this very moment history is being written. 

Running a company with Managed IT, IT Services, Server Support, Microsoft Support as well as Cloud system setup makes us a partner who is useful for you to fight for your company and stay away from this pandemic.  We serve businesses in the Buffalo area to help them have a plan and execute that plan during these trying times as it pertains to IT and the computer systems.

In moments of crisis businesses do not choose to stay and fight or to run away, the people behind these businesses make the decisions about how to handle the hurdles. Businesses in their simplest form are an expression of our creative thinking. Undoubtedly, the hardest decisions are often made between a rock and a hard place but it’s in the tough times that we need to think more creatively and be much more determined. In various scenarios to ‘fight’ is what is necessary to keep a business alive, while on the other hand ‘flight’ may be the logical or only choice. The only way we stand a chance of succeeding, of coming out on the other side intact, is to stay and fight

Business Survival During A Pandemic

With many businesses being forced to close their doors or operate in limited hours, everyone is aware it is not business as usual. Surviving this pandemic means much more than breaking even by tapping into reserves to pay bills or keep from laying off staff. It also means preparing your business for surviving the worst and keeping your staff well-informed. 

When this situation started many of us found ourselves in ‘victim mode’, some of us still are. We wonder on a daily basis, ‘Why is this happening?’ When are things going to get back to normal?’ If you start opening your eyes to the many opportunities arising from this pandemic you will be confident that your company will be among the businesses that will survive and continue to grow. At SynchroNet, we believe now is the time to turn crisis into opportunity and here are a few suggestions of which you can take advantage.

1. Create A Plan 

Sadly, coronavirus has been spreading and more businesses are introducing precautions to protect their companies and staff. Important steps taken by many business owners include the development or redesign of emergency preparedness plans. If you don’t have an emergency plan in place, now is definitely the time to draft one. This plan should include measures to protect staff/business operations, cash conservation strategies, potential layoff (as a last resort) and future outlook.  SynchroNet can help protect your IT and the information as you make these choices and support those who are on your team.

2. If Possible, Implement A Work From Home Policy

If you don’t have a work from home policy or plan, now is an ideal time to introduce one. With coronavirus affecting every state, companies are seeking alternate work arrangements in order to encourage social distancing and still maintain productivity. 

3. Update Managers/Staff on your Decisions 

The best way to encourage panic is to withhold vital information. No one likes being left out of the loop, especially with coronavirus lurking. When it comes to protecting your business, you must communicate with your managers/staff and keep them up-to-date. They need your strength and leadership now more than ever to know there is a future for them at their job. You need to reassure them and show that you care and understand how their lives are being negatively affected. Your business will not survive if you do not have your best people to keep things up and running.  SynchroNet has methods to mass broadcast and to webconference with teams during these times.

4. Take Advantage of Federal Relief

The coronavirus is doing it’s best to strangle the business world and economy. But there’s no need to sit back and just let it happen when there’s small business relief available. 

There are quite a few relief systems/measures that have been set up and are being set up to assist businesses that qualify. Stay up-to-date on business news and apply for any relief your business is eligible. For other businesses, you may qualify for loans or low interest services at your bank. 

5. Get Creative

Use social media to reassure your stakeholders, customers and the general public that you are taking appropriate measures to combat the outbreak and that the company is giving back where possible. 

Figure out if your customers remain the same market share, what they now require and what you can do to meet their demands.

Speak with your suppliers about possible concessions and if cash is tight they might be open to bartering goods and services.

Be innovative. We recently came across a company that repurposed their raw materials to make masks to fill the shortage on the market. Businesses must be flexible and adaptable where possible in order to stay alive especially when it’s make or break time.

We hope your mind has been stimulated and you are able to find new opportunities to grow in your area of business. The current pandemic has shifted our lives in more ways than one but one thing we’re sure of is this too shall pass. For those of us who stand ready to fight, see you on the other side.   SynchroNet is always here to help our partners through the good and the bad times.  We believe this will help many businesses become greater as they problem solve and work through their systems.