How Managed IT Services Helps During a Crisis

If you have a company in Buffalo who is suffering under the weight of the coronavirus pandemic, we understand and feel your pain.  This is not an easy time for businesses, for our country, or for industry.

One of the things we focus on is how we can help clients who are struggling to figure out how to make it to next month, and surprisingly – there are some clients who are actually busier than ever (healthcare, for example).

When working with a Managed IT Services company, there are some key things you should be seeing – which we implement with all of our clients.

  • Availability – What this means to us, is any system you use in your office should be able to be used when you are not in the office.  The world has become more mobile, so we prepare that way.  In the current atmosphere, this happens to have a positive result since people working from home expect and need the same access as when they are in the office.
  • Scalability – This has to do with what happens when you add or remove staff.  One thing we have seen is when people are making some hard decisions about staffing, they are forgetting about the security portion (locking out former employees and having permissions set correctly.)  This will be the same problem in reverse when people are being added back on.  Your systems need to be able to accomodate flux in either direction.
  • Affordability – Obviously, as times get tougher for some businesses, it is important to be affordable.  We believe in making sure we provide massive value for the services we offer.  As part of the stimulus packages, our support/infrastructure should be part of the amounts that can be forgiven.  So if you haven’t applied for programs, you should!

Here is a list of some of the resources you may want to consider as there is all kinds of programs in the system at the moment.

  • EIDL – This program is done by the SBA and even includes the possibility of a $10,000 grant for business affected by the coronavirus.
  • Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) – Will normally go through the bank you are using for your business.
  • Google – They have a program which is offering up to $800 million in relief to small and medium sized businesses

More than anything, we want our clients to know we are with them during this time.  Some Managed IT companies have gone out of business too, so if your company went out of business or are super slow to respond or don’t have a system where you can work from anywhere, we would love to help out your company.

We all know this is a time that will be challenging for many businesses.  We also know that within every major calamity there is opportunity.  We want to encourage our friends and fellow business owners to resist the urge to spend all day on social media and spend time protecting your business and looking for opportunities which can help you survice, and even thrive in the future economy when we finally get past this challenging time.

Give us a call if you need Managed IT Services in the Buffalo area.  We are here to help and we are committed to ensuring you always have the best possible solutions to keep your staff at maximium efficiency.