Going Away for the Holidays?

This article may be a bit of a re-run, but we thought it still might be helpful to revisit (and supplement) the steps business owners and professionals should take if they’re closing shop for a few days.
  • Let your customers know ahead of time that you’ll be closed. You may also want to leave contact information for someone who can help them in an emergency.
  • Set your email out-of-office message with your return date included.
  • Arrange for someone to hold your mail or packages (possibly a neighboring business that’s staying open) or maybe the USPS.
  • Don’t forget to clean out the fridge; there are some things that you simply won’t want to come back to.
  • Set your alarm system, but also have a way to turn it off and reset it in case of a false alarm. (In general, it’s a good idea to ask someone to keep an eye on the place for you.)
  • Don’t forget about any outdoor or foyer plants that are susceptible to the elements, or that might need someone to tend them.
  • Make sure the doors are locked. Then go back and make sure the doors are locked.
You might have noticed we didn’t mention all the precautions to take with your IT systems before shutting down (like backing up electronic files). That’s because those are the things we’ll take care as part of The SynchroNet Way. Enjoy your time off, knowing we’ll monitor and manage your network while you’re off enjoying your eggnog.