Why Having a Managed IT Services Company is Critical

When you run a small business, you become the expert of all things pertaining and related to the business enterprise.  As the pricipal, you will know about the sales, the operations, the finance, support, and most will also try to understand the IT infrastructure.

Feel Like You Have Too Many Masters?

One of the things that makes a business owner successful is their ability and willingness to jump blindly into waters they are unsure about.  This usually works, because most items are things with a little time and attention, you can master or be pretty functional performing.

IT is a different animal…

First of all, realize in order to work at SynchroNet, for example, people don’t get hired because they are nice or willing to learn.  There is a core set of required skills where we know they can perform the job of supporting clients in business environments.

One of our posts has these as minimum core skills –

Minimum Required Skills: Technical Sales, Enterprise Networking, Business Development, Cisco Products and Services, Managed IT Services, Cloud knowledge, Unified Communications, Data Center knowledge, Business Continuity practices.

Now, if you are a doctor or a lawyer, you understand how this works.  Sure anyone can go to WebMD or LegalZoom, but are they going to get the best advice and understanding as someone trained in medicine or law?  We believe you hire an expert to make your life easy and so that you can focus your energy on revenue producing activity rather than operation system architecture.

We have a staff of qualified IT Support technicians, what this means for you is when you have IT problems, you can call us and we will have you working in minutes.  If you try to do it yourself, the same help could wind up taking days.

Our team cooperates and shares skills.  One may be stronger in Microsoft products while another is a Cisco wiz.  This means no matter what the IT question is, we probably have someone on staff who knows the answer and our team is taught to cooperate and collaborate so the skill set of the entire team improves.

One of our team members love Microsoft Teams and all items Microsoft.  Another has a special place for Cisco.  Yet another loves to figure out automation and Six Sigma rules.

Common Items We Help Our Clients With:

The biggest benefit of having a managed IT Service provider for your Buffalo business is you get a bunch of nerds who love technology and who want to help all of your crazy ideas for IT happen in a way that works and simplifies your life.  You may be able to figure out some of the tips and tools you use, but we have more than a half a dozen techs and staff closer to a dozen who all day, every day think about how to make technology work for businesses.

We are here to help your Buffalo business having an amazing back office IT support system so you can focus on what you do best.  Give us a call when you need some of the benefits of managed IT Services!