What We Are Learning Months Into a Quarantine

It has be difficult for many small business owners.  Some have fared better than others through strategic planning and acquistion of PPP or other funds, nevertheless, times have changed.  It can seem all bad, in the fighting, but there are always beautiful things to gain when we move from a position of fear to one of problem solving.  One thing is for certain, business owners are fighters and not passive victims.

So, amidst all of the rules, changes and stuggles…  what has there been to learn during this time?

Systems Matter – Companies who had their IT and their critical systems in the Cloud have fared better than those using antiquated systems.  If your systems were all on-premise, what would you do during a pandemic when people can’t go to the office?

Some Employees Expect Home Work Going Forward – There is no putting the genie back in the bottle here.  For those valuable employees who have liked being at home with family, this isn’t going to go back to “normal” too easily.  Even with a vaccine.

Tools Matter – Tools to allow access to data and systems as well as track employee efficiency matter.  All business owners fear their people may be sitting at home watching The Price is Right rather than working.  How do you know what your people are doing is important.

Security and BYOD Matter – We have been telling companies for the last decade about the importance of security for BYOD devices.  Now, this has become painfully obvious as some employee home computers are infected with viruses and malware when they log on to the corporate systems.  This is not good.

Support Systems Matter – Especially now, as your business is fighting for every customer, having good tools and ticketing systems and back office help systems for sales reps matters too.

Your Technology Partner Matters – For us, we are saving the best for last!  If you have a technology partner with vision and foresight like SynchroNet, then you have found this time to be easy on the IT front, even if the rest of the business is harder.  If you had a bad IT Services company, it is nearly impossible to survive when having access to everything from everywhere and having it all secure is a #1 priority.

We are here to support our clients.  We have heard some inspirational stories of people doing amazing things during these times to help the community and we are more proud than ever to be citizens of the Buffalo area!  We know with the good people we meet and know on a daily basis, we will all get through this together.

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