Are Managed IT Services the Right Solution for My Business?

In 2022, data security and protection can no longer be treated as a business afterthought. The stakes are simply too high in terms of the current cyber threat environment; moreover, there is also the crucial matter of protecting networks for the sake of compliance, disaster recovery planning, and business continuity.

Over the last few years, many of our new SynchroNet clients have opted for managed IT services after realizing they could not handle data security and protection on their own. Unless your business enjoys the advantage of a large IT department staffed with skilled technicians and administrators, chances are that you need managed IT services.

What business owners in 2022 should realize is that protecting data is more crucial than ever because most of them gave up on using paper records long ago. Let’s say you operate a few e-commerce shops supported by two warehouses and a self-hosted system on your own data network. How fast would you be able to recover from a ransomware attack or a catastrophic server failure?

The first thing you should know about managed IT services is that they are not limited to keeping hackers away from business operations. The managed services provided by SynchroNet go beyond information security; they extend to network monitoring, disaster recovery, data integrity, compliance, scalability, and business continuity.

In essence, managed services provide the benefit of a full-time IT department at much lower costs, but this is not their bottom line. What you get from managed IT services is the invaluable peace of mind in knowing that your data platform is in good hands, and that it is being constantly monitored to this effect. The active monitoring of business networks starts with hardware integrity and continues with connectivity, information security, regulatory compliance, and efficiency.

You should not have to wait until you experience an IT emergency to consider managed services; nonetheless, this has been the way many SynchroNet clients decided to give this solution a go. When SynchroNet specialists respond to an IT incident and later conduct a system audit, many business owners realize that managed IT services are the best course of action, especially after they learn how much money and effort would be spent to properly secure their networks.

Many SynchroNet clients rely on our managed services to provide the functionality of a full IT department they otherwise could not afford to keep on payroll. Other clients use managed services as a complement to their lean IT departments. At any rate, it is not difficult to glean the business advantage that managed IT services can bring to your company.