Endpoints- Malware Detection & Prevention

Not too long ago, cyber security for workstations and computers was only limited to firewall installation, with a quality antivirus application. It was a prevention-centered approach, but it is insufficient these days. 

The current cyber threat environment has become too sophisticated for antivirus and firewalls to handle. SynchroNet understands the modern threats, and can provide up-to-date data security, utilizing an endpoint detection response. 

Modern business networks have multiple endpoints. Desktops, tablets, laptops, servers, smartphones, virtual machines, and other devices like cloud printers tend to connect to the IoT (Internet of Things). 

For any malicious hackers, a business data network has multiple targets. These endpoints provide different opportunities to get into the network and inject malware. Cyber criminals can also launch phishing attacks, botnets, and commit other nefarious activities.  

Understanding malware prevention 

Businesses have to develop effective information strategies to tackle these security issues. These involve more than just certain antivirus solutions. Office networks require real-time solutions involving Endpoint Detection Response (EDR) augmented with threat intelligence. 

When an antivirus protects these office networks with an Endpoint Detection Response solution, multiple cyber-threats can be prevented before they even start doing their damage. The entire idea here is to implement a layer of prediction that extends to all network users. 

An EDR considers various advanced persistent threats exploits, attack vectors, malware, malicious scripts, and trojans that hackers use. These EDR solutions can identify and neutralize all such threats that bypass any installed antivirus program. And the best part is that these solutions can assess all network activities.

These can range from user events to memory allocations, and even files or registry changes to maintain the ultimate information security. So, get in touch with SynchroNet today for your cybersecurity assessment.