What Are Endpoints and How Do They Help?

What Are Endpoints?

Endpoints are the final stop inside your network where people begin interacting with the technology. These endpoints are computers, servers, workstations, tablets, laptops, smartphones, etc. 

You can consider them to be the doors that open from your network to the world outside. As they are doors, you have to guard the traffic that flows to and from them. Now, what types of traffic are we exactly talking about here? 

We are talking about all the web searches, email exchanges, file backups, saves or even chats. All this traffic is directly related to your data, so you have to guard it, no matter what. 

Is Antivirus Enough?

AV was the sole solution to anything and everything associated with cyber security and firewalls for many years. These antivirus applications scan your system for trojans, viruses, or similar malware. 

These programs compare this malware with what they find against any known viruses or signatures to isolate them and then remove them before they start harming your system. But there is a problem! 

These antiviruses cannot keep up as there are so many cyber attacks going on across the globe. Therefore, these antivirus programs have to be used with endpoint detection and response systems, or EDRs. 

What Does EDR Do?

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) programs combine any real-time, continuous monitoring, or collections of endpoint data, with an automatic response that is based on certain predefined rules to guarantee proper assessment capabilities. 

Therefore, it essentially makes your antivirus more powerful and effective. It does so by detecting any issues from these endpoints and dealing with them effectively. 

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