New Construction? Build SynchroNet In!

What entrepreneur, starting an enterprise in a garage or spare bedroom, doesn’t daydream about one day running a huge company with hundreds (or thousands) of employees? Fact is, growth is a goal of pretty much every business owner. And when the day comes to enlarge structural capacity or move to a bigger site to accommodate more business…give us a call.

Growth can be painful, especially when it comes to IT integration. When a business has gotten too big for its current physical structure, moving or upgrading the facility brings significant expenses, disruption of productivity, and the sheer hassle of getting everything back up and running within the confines of a new architecture. A little planning upfront can dramatically lessen the unpleasant aspects of new construction or moving to another location. Because modern companies are so reliant on computer networks to conduct business, the ‘where, when and how’ to integrate systems in a new structure should take place long before the first packing boxes appear. So plan ahead, and call SynchroNet! We WILL help you:

  1. Know what system upgrades to consider, either now or later. We will ensure that your upgrade plan keeps tomorrow’s needs in mind as well as today’s – while protecting your cash flow. After all, moving is expensive!
  2. Create a detailed schedule of IT-related activities throughout the life of the project to minimize downtime, minimizing the impact to your team and customers.
  3. Ensure you have skilled manpower on hand to complete the mission.

SynchroNet can assist you with all IT-related considerations involved in a business move or construction effort. Whether it is equipment placement, wiring diagrams, wireless schematics, or simply offering suggestions based on our extensive experience, we will get you through the process as painlessly and inexpensively as possible. We can even work with your architect/general contractor to plan in a manner that will not hold up construction, but will actually save time down the road. With an eye toward future requirements, you can count on us to pre-design your network to accommodate infrastructure/connectivity in all areas of the building. After all, we plan to help your business keep right on growing.