Too Much of a Good Thing?

When you think of security for your IT network, you might think in terms of “locking out” hackers or others who would do harm to your files or computer system. And the more padlocks and deadbolts you add, the better off you are, right?

Not really … particularly if you are talking about anti-virus protection. You see, much as the term “virus” suggests, if you layer on additional security applications, you are not actually adding barriers to unauthorized access as becoming over-vaccinated with potentially incompatible “medications.”

Consider this scenario. With SynchroNet as your IT managed services provider, we would have prioritized the security of your network and your devices. As part of this process, we would have loaded and would now maintain anti-virus applications across your systems and servers.

Now imagine you learned of a new anti-virus program that sounds super fantastic … and you can try it out for free! You install it, thinking the more protection, the better. But things are not always that easy.

In reality, anti-virus protection is designed to be used independently, which means it does not play well with other anti-viruses. The competing applications will fight for resources, bog down system processes, and turn your efficient greyhound of a computer into something that crawled out of the sludge. In other words, your system’s performance will sink. Leave it to SynchroNet to equip your computer systems with the best anti-virus protection available.