Is It Okay to Leave Your Phone Battery Charging Overnight?

We all know that leaving a gadget charger plugged in when not in use will kill polar bears and eventually cause the Earth to burst into flames. But more importantly, will it damage your smartphone to keep charging after the battery is full? According to an expert cited in this Digital Trends article, your phone will probably be okay … even as Florida ends up under water from melted icecaps. That’s because your smartphone is smart enough to not squeeze in any more electricity than the battery can hold. (It’s not like a full bathtub with the water left on that will eventually flood the entire house.) There is a chance though, that your phone could overheat, so if it seems to be getting warm, unplug it.

There are a few other facts that we found interesting:

  • Keeping your battery charged at between 50 – 80% is best for preserving the life of lithium batteries.
  • A battery only has a limited number of times that it can go from being completely or nearly empty to fully charged before it will have to be replaced.
  • Using the brand name recharger that came with your phone really is better for it than cheap knock-offs.

So there you have it. Now let your conscience be your guide.