Business Continuity – Why Planning for Failure is as Important as Planning for Growth

What is BackupMyNet? This product/service offers consistency and predictability when protecting our client’s data. At any point there is a hardware or software failure, we can call upon BackupMyNet to save the day. It’s an intrinsic part of the SynchroNet Way. We feel this aspect of our work is so important that we wouldn’t be able to implement The SynchroNet Way without it. After some calculated research and testing over seven years ago, we decided that we could implement this solution for our clients across the board, and it’s become a standard component of The SynchroNet Way ever since.

In short, when your system goes down, we rely on this critical part of The SynchroNet Way to get you back up and running!

BackupMyNet is the best insurance against network server failure and it helps us live up to our promise to optimize your productivity and minimize your downtime. Hardware and software failure is a normal part of the technology business. We understand this and nothing will stop those things from occasionally happening. What we will do, however, is mitigate your risks, ensuring you get the most value from your technology.