Why Cyber Security is Important for Small Businesses

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Cyber security is one of the most important things on the mind of every business owner. However, many small business owners undervalue just how important it is to focus on cyber security. All the small things that it takes to be safe take time, and money, and many people just do not see the value.

This thought process is usually based on two incorrect assumptions. One is that their business is too small to attack and the other is that their small operation can’t fight strong attacks anyway. We want to address both of these assumptions and give suggestions on how small businesses can make cyber security a focus.

No One Wants to Attack my Small Business Anyway

The assumption here is that attackers are choosing their targets and trying to get something from them. This is really not how hackers attack.

Hackers like to attack those who are vulnerable, not who they think will provide the biggest payout. They often have programs searching around and looking for those who have networks that are easy to access. They might even send a phishing attempt via email and just wat to see who lets them in.

The size of the business does not matter when it comes to being attacked.

If it was as easy as you opening your computer to get $500 then wouldn’t you do it? Hackers are looking for easy payouts from vulnerable people. 

Do not be tricked into thinking that just because your business works out of your garage that you are immune. People who live far out of the city should still lock their doors, and small companies should still protect themselves.

Integrating just a few steps into your everyday activities can do so much to make you more secure online. 

Big Businesses are Hacked all the Time, so How Can I Make Myself Safe?bitcoin hacker

“You just said that hackers are looking for easy money, yet huge organizations are attacked. Surely, if they can get into their network then there is no way to protect myself!”

What you need to remember is that good technology can only go so far. Huge organizations might be able to spend millions creating a cyber security network that is extremely advanced, but the network is only as good as those operating on it.

If a master fisherman makes a perfect net and gives it to a group of inexperienced fisherman who accidentally cut a hole in one part of the net then whose fault is it if fish get through?

Sometimes small businesses can actually be much safer than large organizations because they have less experienced fisherman working with the net. It’s much easier to get a couple people on board with correct operating procedures than thousands of people across the country. 

So in this way small businesses may have the advantages over large organizations. Large organizations also can of course be ransomed for much more money, so the attacks on them are often more complex than what a small business may face. 

In either situation, focusing on cyber security can make all the difference for a small business. The cost up front, whether in time or money, may be frustrating, but the future payoff is worth it.

You cannot put a cost on peace of mind when running a business.

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